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    The Road; Cormac McCarthy


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    The Road; Cormac McCarthy  Empty The Road; Cormac McCarthy

    Post by ForgottenMemories14 on Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:19 pm

    The Road; Cormac McCarthy

    Originally, after finishing watch The Last of Us, I was so eager to find anything I could about the directors, actors, motivations and inspirations of these people. Probably, I went a little beyond.

    So after watching a certain IGN interview (Warning! Infected with spoilers!) The commentators mentioned a book that I had never hear of before. A book that has a similar synopsis as The Last of Us. And some child-father interactions, which I always love.

    I became, er, quite obsessed. And so I bought a copy of the book, and I currently am in love with it. XD

    The writing style is so sharp and precise, careful detail into the world that McCarthy paves around a boy and his father in the apocalyptic feel in the U.S.A.


    UGH... I'm not done yet, so please hold on the spoilers, but if anyone has ever read this book, please venture forth and share your thoughts.

    Other notes might be that The Road holds a Pulitzer Prize, it is a best seller's book, and they made a movie out of it.

    I love reading... :3


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